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Warnings and Precautions

  • Take Ambien just before going to bed, when you are ready to go to sleep. This medicine works very quickly to put you to sleep.

  • Do not take this medicine when your schedule does not permit you to get a full night's sleep (7 to 8 hours). If you must wake up before this, you may continue to feel drowsy and may experience memory problems, because the effects of the medicine have not had time to wear off.

  • Patients who must drive in the morning or perform activities that require mental alertness or coordination should talk to their doctors about whether ambien is appropriate.

  • Ambien contain an active drug ingredient called zolpidem, which causes drowsiness. Some experts have discovered that Ambien leaves high levels of zolpidem in the blood of patients the morning after a dose, so much so that it affects some user's’ cognitive skills.

  • You should not use Ambien if you are allergic to zolpidem or any of its inactive ingredients. The tablets may contain lactose. Use caution if you are sensitive to lactose.

  • Although Ambien is successful in helping many people fall asleep, certain people should not take Ambien.

  • Ambien may be habit-forming, so don't take higher doses of the medication or use it for a longer time than your doctor recommends.

  • Ambien is a controlled substance; be sure to keep it in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse.

  • Ambien should not be taken in combination with alcohol or other sleeping medications, or by pregnant mothers.

  • You should seek emergency treatment right away if you have difficulty breathing, swelling of your tongue, throat, or face, or nausea and vomiting after taking Ambien.



Your eating and drinking habits can be a cause of insomnia. There are some foods and drinks that lead to this health problem:

  1. Sugary foods or High-carb:
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    Sweets like ice cream, chocolate cake, nougat, cookies, candies, Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, can increase blood-sugar levels. These foods will keep the body up for hours with its high levels of sugars and carbohydrates that will stimulate the brain.

  3. Caffeine:
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    Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, causing increased alertness. It gives most people a temporary energy boost and elevates mood. People who take medications for insomnia should avoid caffeine until discussing the matter with a clinician.

  5. Alcohol:
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    Alcohol can make you fall asleep initially, but may disrupt your sleep later in the night. Alcoholic people usually suffer from insomnia.

  7. Processed foods:
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    You should avoid processed foods with preservatives, flavor, color and texture additives, sugar and sugar substitutes.

  9. Spicy foods:
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    Spicy foods are harsh on the gastrointestinal tract. They can aggravate gastrointestinal ulcers and cause acid reflux. Gastrointestinal discomfort is a leading cause of insomnia.

Avoid These Foods and You Will Sleep Better……